RB is dead.

Long live RB.

It's true. Roaming Bovine is no more. The band that spent more than a decade melting your face has converted to pure energy, and is no longer playing shows on this plane of existence or according to perceivable laws of time and space.

For the curious: Jon was last seen lurking near the Appalachian Trail, surprising unsuspecting travelers and sharing his opinions with them regarding the attractiveness of their mouths. Mike has converted to Raƫlism and is making great progress in his efforts to clone the decayed corpse of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Justin and Nick have started a new band called The Randy Bastards, and they continue to rock harder than ever.

And while it's true that you may never again have your face melted by the original RB, the new-and-improved RB promises to do much more. The Randy Bastards won't melt your face. They will make love to your face. They will take your face out for a nice seafood dinner and never call it again.

Lastly, check out Nick's record label, Night Fighter Records. Maybe he'll sign your band. Maybe he won't. All I know is that I don't know nothing.